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I (Rich Deibler, your friendly neighborhood web-person) thought I would start off this new page of the retirees’ website and hope that many more of you will add to it.

Linda started working at the junior high school in 1968 and I started there the following year. We spend half the year in Sarasota, FL and the other half in Monroe, NY.  Since retirement I have become certified as a personal trainer with a bunch of specialties.

Linda and I celebrated (just the two of us because of the pandemic) our 50th wedding anniversary in August. We have three grandchildren, Ben in the Boston area and Davis and Ellis in the San Diego area.

I'm not looking forward to a knee replacement next month.


Peter Wendrychowicz:

My wife,Terry and I are rediscovering ourselves throughout this period of  Covid-19 quarantine.  In other words, "we haven't killed each other yet".  Hugging face


Barry Bley:

After retiring from the District in 1998, I moved to Denver to be with Cindy, the love of my life.

Little did I know that I would teach 10 more years here in inner-city High Schools.  It was a huge change - not enough supplies, a largely Spanish-speaking student body.  It was wonderful.

I taught history 10 more years, finally retiring for good at the end of 2008.

Since then, it has been a grand time playing Grandpa to 7 of the 8 grandkids we have between us and who live only a short distance away.

Hard to believe we have a granddaughter who will be attending Med School n the Fall.

It's nice to chat with many of my SHS students on FB, including 3 I taught my first year in Ramapo 1 in 1965.

I still have all my Panoramas for every year I taught in SHS. 

Fun to call up the memories.


Barry Ryan:

“Connections” on the SRTC website is a great idea. I would really enjoy hearing about and from old RCSD friends. What a great place to work, in my case for 30 years! Since family was suggested as a possible topic, I’d like to share a very short video taken last week of our 3 grandkids (Kate is 8 and twins Laney and Brooke are 5) meeting their new puppy (now named Penny because of her color) who had just been dropped off by the breeder. The girls had no idea she was coming even though they have wanted a puppy for awhile. That’s my daughter-in-law giving them a very basic warning about new puppies. I think the video will bring a smile to your lips which we can all use these days. Enjoy, be well and best wishes, Barry Ryan (HS,  1972-2002)